Using recycled materials for your cafe furniture

14 December 2015
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If you want to add an interesting and eco-friendly vibe to your new cafe, it can be fun to use recycled materials for some of your cafe furniture. Here are some cool ideas that you can adapt for your own unique cafe furniture and decor. Wooden pallet tables As your large equipment often arrived on wooden pallets, these can be transformed into cafe furniture including tables and benches. If you don't have enough pallets arriving at your store, you can ask nearby business if you can use pallets from their deliveries or purchase some secondhand from the classified. Read More 

Teak Furniture | 3 Steps To Refresh Your Outdoor Teak Wood Dining Table

11 December 2015
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An outdoor teak dining table brings elegance to your patio, but constant weathering will cause it to dull and become grey over time. If left untreated, timeworn teak furniture can bring down the look of your patio, so you'll want to clean and refurbish each teak item every once in a while. This guide is designed to help you refresh your outdoor teak wood dining table. Rinse And Wash With Oxygen Bleach And Water Read More