Teak Furniture | 3 Steps To Refresh Your Outdoor Teak Wood Dining Table

11 December 2015
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An outdoor teak dining table brings elegance to your patio, but constant weathering will cause it to dull and become grey over time. If left untreated, timeworn teak furniture can bring down the look of your patio, so you'll want to clean and refurbish each teak item every once in a while. This guide is designed to help you refresh your outdoor teak wood dining table.

Rinse And Wash With Oxygen Bleach And Water

You'll ideally want to use organic oxygen bleach for cleaning teak furniture because it acts as a delicate cleaning agent and is not as harsh as chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach will whiten your wooden fibres because of its strong oxidising properties, which can ruin the rich colour of your teak dining table. Mix powdered oxygen bleach into a spray bottle filled with warm water to cut through mould, dirt, mildew and algae on the teak. Avoid pressure washing, because the high pressure can cause undue damage to the table. Use your spray bottle and a water hose for the best results.

Give The Table A Good Scrub

You'll know that the oxygen bleach solution is loosening dirt when you see white bubbles on the wood surface. Once the solution starts working on the table, use a scrub brush to remove all traces of dirt and grime from it. This brushing action is less destructive than pressure washers, so be sure to give your table a good scrub to agitate pollutants from the surface. Use a water hose to rinse away dirt from the table. Once you're done, give the table a thorough rinse before settling it to dry. Your teak dining table will already have a re-vitalised look after this step.

Apply Teak Sealer

Restore the warm caramel or rich honey colour of your teak wood dining table by applying a synthetic teak sealer. Always remember to use sealer that is approved for use on teak to prevent any damage to your precious teak furniture. Several teak sealers have water-like viscosity, moisture protection, UV inhibitors and mildew resistance to preserve the lifespan of your teak furniture for longer. Be sure to look out for these properties when purchasing a teak sealer from a home improvement store. Some teak colours have a natural appearance, while others may have a stained appearance. Natural teak sealers do not contain varnish, silicone and exotic oils, helping to retain the natural, rich colour of teak. This is an ideal choice for bringing out the colour of the wood without any shade manipulation.

Follow these steps for refreshing the look of your outdoor teak wood dining table. You can also follow similar steps for other outdoor teak furniture.