Trends to Consider When Installing New Cabinets

31 March 2016
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Although cabinets are primarily utilitarian, this does not mean that they should not be aesthetically appealing too. As such, cabinet makers keep striving to come up with new designs that not only make these storage facilities convenient, but also complementary to your interior décor, no matter which room they are being installed in. If you are contemplating new cabinets for your home, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, here are some of the trends that you should consider.

Cabinets that are hidden from view

One of the more popular trends when it comes to cabinetry is the hidden cabinet. This form of invisible storage is great for smaller rooms where you would like to create the illusion of space. Instead of having your cabinets stand out with visible lines, they are manufactured to blend seamlessly by being built right into walls. On the other hand, you can have freestanding cabinets installed and their uniform surface gives an impression of a plain wall where there wasn't one before.  The difference between these two options is that by having them built into the walls, rather than being freestanding, you save more space. This makes the former option suitable for smaller kitchens where space would be a premium. No matter your installation choice, hidden cabinets enhance the way in which a room appears seamless, by eliminating the distractions that would draw attention to the cabinets.

Cabinets with integrated handles

Another popular trend when it comes to new cabinetry is opting for cabinets with integrated handles. With this type of design, rather than the cabinet maker installing handles on the cabinets once they are done, they instead integrate the handle as part of the cabinet itself. This is typically in the form of a groove that has been carved right into the cabinet's panel. This not only gives the room a streamlined appearance, but it also creates an illusion of space by eliminating the use of handles that protrude.

Cabinets with integrated LED lighting

No matter what room in your home, lighting is a crucial factor. This is especially true in the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the trends cabinet makers have started is insert LED lighting right in the cabinetry. The result is having your storage illuminated from the inside too, rather than having to depend on ambient lighting to see the contents of your cabinets. The extra illumination provided by the integrated LED lighting is great for deeper cabinets, which may have content buried all the way at the back. Integrated LED lighting in your cabinetry also gives the chance to experiment with different colours that contrast with your overall ambient lighting. 

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