Tips for Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture

2 August 2017
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One of the most important aspects that affect bedroom appearance is furniture layout. While the furniture arrangement does not come intuitively, the basics involved are straightforward. However, problems arise with poor management of space. For instance, leaving significant open spaces can create a sense of imbalance. On the other hand, your two dressers will not fit in your bedroom with inadequate space allocation. This article provides ideas to guide you on proper layout of bedroom furniture.

Plan on How You Will Use your Bedroom – A bedroom is mostly used for sleeping purposes. However, with houses shrinking in size and rent rates not showing any signs of dipping, homeowners and tenants opt to use a single room for multiple purposes. For instance, if you want your bedroom to double up as a home office, then furniture arrangement will be different. You will need to position furniture in such a way that the office section is given more priority concerning natural lighting. Instead of placing the bed next to the window, your desk would take this position. Additionally, if there were limited sockets in your bedroom, priority for power sources would be given to the furniture that will make up part of your office.

Always Start With the Bed -- If you are moving into a new house, you might be tempted to take in smaller pieces of furniture first. Doing so might seem logical especially if you are moving without the services of a house removal company since you want to save as much energy as possible for the heavier pieces. In most cases, this strategy backfires because, by the time you are done with the smaller pieces, there will not be enough room left to squeeze in the bed. Consequently, you will be forced to remove all the smaller units to make space for the bed, which will cost you valuable time. Another reason the bed should go in the bedroom first is that it acts as a reference point when positioning all other pieces of furniture that will go in your room.

Store Dresser in Closet – A dresser, bed, and wardrobe take up a significant amount of space in your bedroom. These pieces of furniture can make your bedroom to appear full and cluttered. Therefore, if you have a closet that is big enough to accommodate a dresser, then use it as storage to free up space in your bedroom.