Ideas For Renovating A Small Kitchen

1 June 2022
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Renovating a small kitchen so that it meets all your needs can seem like a daunting task. Of course, when you have plenty of space to work with you should find that designing it is easier. However, that doesn't mean you can't get everything you want from a small galley or L-shaped kitchen. Here are some design ideas to consider for maximum space benefits:

Pullout Chopping Boards

Certain items take up too much space despite the fact that you might use them only once per day. They can also leave your kitchen looking cluttered. One way to resolve the issue is by adding a pullout chopping board to your kitchen. They're ideal for meal prep but can serve a range of other purposes too. You can use them for holding ingredients and plates while you're cooking, as they allow you to temporarily expand your kitchen surface space on your terms. 

Built-In White Goods

Kitchens are a go-to storage space for white goods, especially in apartments where available storage space may be limited overall. However, as some white goods can be large, they start to encroach on the floor space in your kitchen. If you haven't tried built-in white goods yet, now's the time to start. Adding items such as a fridge-freezer and washing machine to the area where you would usually keep your cupboards can give your kitchen an overall more spacious feel. 

Multipurpose Spaces

Many people crave the idea of a breakfast bar or centre island. While it isn't always possible to achieve a central island in your kitchen, you can create a small breakfast bar that also serves as a prep area. Small breakfast bars work particularly well at the L end of a small kitchen. By using stools that tuck under the bar easily, you don't need to waste any additional space on chairs. When you're not using your breakfast bar for dining, it can be used for storage or preparing meals.

Lots Of Shelving

Finally, small kitchen renovation effort is complete without adding in plenty of shelving. It's easy to let verticle storage space go to waste in any small area. By not doing so when it comes to your kitchen, you'll ensure that you can stock all the ingredients and kitchen prep tools you need. To make sure you maintain a tidy appearance, invest in storage containers that you're proud to show off. As a result, your small kitchen will remain beautiful while being functional.