Could a new sofa cover overhaul your living room?

22 November 2022
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Getting a new sofa can be a difficult, expensive task — but simply buying a new cover for your existing sofa is a great deal more achievable! If replacement soft furnishings aren't the right choice for your family at the moment, here are three ways a new made-to-measure chair cover or two can totally overhaul both your soft furnishings and the space they're installed in. If this sounds like a good idea, start your search with a local company; even if they're not where you got your sofa, they'll often offer services like this on a custom, made-to-measure basis.

#1: Making a tired, battered sofa look as fresh and new as the day it was made.

A sofa is one of the hearts of family life. Children climb and play on it; couples curl up on it for quality time together; pets sleep, shed, and claw on it while enjoying proximity to their humans. All this movement and activity makes your sofa a precious place, but it can take its toll on the upholstery itself! If things have started to look a little ragged around the edges over the years, a sofa cover is the way to go — you might be surprised by how transformative a fresh new chair cover can be for a living room space.

#2: Matching with a new colour scheme, or highlighting different parts of an old one.

Big furniture pieces can feel a little limiting when you're considering changing the overall design scheme of a particular room. Paint is affordable and you can easily repaint the walls — but then nothing else will match, and something like a sofa is much more difficult and costly to replace. This is where a custom-made cover comes in! It's an easy way to overhaul your existing furniture without having to spend all the extra money on buying things new. If you're not ready for a new sofa but you are ready for a new look, a custom chair cover is the way to go.

#3: Changing with the seasons, the holidays, and the general mood of your home.

There's no reason you need to have only one sofa cover! They're custom-made to fit your specific chairs, they're often pretty affordable, and they're usually very easy to change — so you can buy several and swap between them as you fancy. You could have a different cover for every season of the year, or special themed covers for Halloween or Christmas or whatever holidays are important to you and your household.

For more information on replacement chair covers, contact a professional near you.