Could a new sofa cover overhaul your living room?

22 November 2022
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Getting a new sofa can be a difficult, expensive task — but simply buying a new cover for your existing sofa is a great deal more achievable! If replacement soft furnishings aren't the right choice for your family at the moment, here are three ways a new made-to-measure chair cover or two can totally overhaul both your soft furnishings and the space they're installed in. If this sounds like a good idea, start your search with a local company; even if they're not where you got your sofa, they'll often offer services like this on a custom, made-to-measure basis. Read More 

Ideas For Renovating A Small Kitchen

1 June 2022
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Renovating a small kitchen so that it meets all your needs can seem like a daunting task. Of course, when you have plenty of space to work with you should find that designing it is easier. However, that doesn't mean you can't get everything you want from a small galley or L-shaped kitchen. Here are some design ideas to consider for maximum space benefits: Pullout Chopping Boards Certain items take up too much space despite the fact that you might use them only once per day. Read More